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Levantine Pantry Hamper- Mini

Levantine Pantry Hamper- Mini

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Pomegranate Molasses - 250 ml | Freekeh - Roasted Whole Green Wheat -500 grams | Mild Pepper Paste - 420 gr

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    ✨ POMEGRANATE MOLASSES : Clear and fruity taste with a fine acidity and a slight, pleasant bitter note, clear and unadulterated.

    ✨ FREEKEH : Freekeh is a green wheat grain made from young durum wheat that is gently roasted in 💨smoky 🔥flames and then grated to remove the husks.

    ✨ MILD PEPPER PASTE : Fermented in the sun for 2 weeks in . The heat of the sun intensifies the "sun-dried flavour" of the crushed peppers and gives the "condensed paste" a beautiful bright red colour. It has a unique complex and smoky flavour and a paste-like consistency that is perfect for many different dishes.



    🌶️ Pepper pulp (literally "biber salçası"; also called kırmızı biber salçası, literally "red pepper pulp") is made from red chillies or sweet long peppers and salt.Because it is processed using natural and traditional methods, it has retained its nutritional values, flavor and aroma.

    ☀️ The chopped peppers are fermented in the sun for 2 weeks in large trays on flat roof houses. The heat of the sun intensifies the "sun-dried flavor" of the crushed pepper peppers and transforms the "condensed paste" into a beautiful bright red color.

    👩🏻‍🍳 Pepper paste is one of the most important ingredients in Mediterranean and Levantine cuisine. Pepper paste is used by different ethnic groups and nationalities as dressings, marinades and seasoning sauces all over the world.

    ✨ Contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners or thickeners. It has retained its nourishing properties because it is processed using natural methods without being exposed to chemical processes.

    🥣 The pepper paste is ideal for seasoning meat, fish and all grilled dishes, for garnishing sausage variations and salads.

    🫕 It is used as a seasoning sauce and condiment with many foods such as meat, chicken and fish, or can be added to other foods where a spicy taste is desired, such as marinades, drinks, dips, chili, casseroles or other sauces.


    🌍 LOCATION : Our freekeh was planted, harvested and roasted with the traditional method by Hasan Altun, who was a farmer in the Araban District of Gaziantep (a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in Gastronomy), in the Southeast Anatolian region . Our Freekeh is a Fair Trade product purchased and packaged directly from the farmer.

    ✨ MULTI-PURPOSE GRAIN : Natural food freekeh is made from young green wheat which is rich with fiber, proteins, and minerals. This super grain digests quickly compared to other grains and can be used daily in your recipes. As they are low in carbs they are a healthy alternative.

    💫 MAKE HEALTHY MEALS : Freekeh whole wheat has a nutty flavor and chewy texture. It can be used in soups, pilafs, salads, stir-fries, porridge, and stews. It works great when you want to prepare soul-satisfying vegan or vegetarian dinner very fast.

    ⚖️ FREEKEH NUTRITION : It’s quite low on the glycemic index, making it a diabetic-friendly food and a great choice for anyone trying to stabilize their hunger and eating patterns. Interestingly, freekeh also helps to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut, much like a prebiotic does. It’s also a good supply of nutrients like iron, zinc, potassium, manganese, and calcium.

    🥣 RECIPES : Serve Freekeh in place of rice with curries and hotpots, create delicious pilaffs or use as couscous, mixed with spices and fresh herbs.Seasoned Freekeh is also wonderful in stuffings and to fill vine leaves, roasted capsicum or rolled slices of grilled eggplant. Or use some in scrumptious veggie burgers.

    🏠 HOW DO YOU STORE FREEKEH : In general, whole grains are stored in the same way. Uncooked freekeh should be kept in an air-tight container in a cool, dark pantry to prevent any moisture from seeping in. This keeps freekeh good for up to several years. Once cooked, freekeh needs to be refrigerated, but will only last for a few days.

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